Gummy Mango Candy

Ever try eating an unripe mango? The firm, hard texture is not appealing to the touch. But don't worry, you won't find that here.

The taste and texture of this pleasantly plump corner piece of the tropics is what you've been yearning for.

In your hands (or in your screen) is the perfect taste of a ripe mango. If the candy is in your hands, go ahead and give it a gentle squeeze… feel it give a little?

Now you know it is ready to eat. 

A peel of the outer layer is all you need to do to consume the perfectly plumped inner flesh.

If you are reading this on your screen and drooling for the candy´s sugary texture and perfect taste of a ripe mango, please click “add to cart" and proceed to checkout. Trust us, it´s going to be sweet.

Type: Candy

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